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Project Restore is a creekside restoration program currently in the City of Vancouver. Property owners with creekside property are eligible to participate. Participants receive guidance and technicians to repair, restore, and regenerate their waterfront ecosystem.

Depending on the condition of your property we offer assistance to remove invasive plants, improve bank stability, and increase tree canopy cover and habitat by planting native vegetation! The participation of creekside property owners is an important piece of the puzzle to create a healthy watershed.

For more information, contact or call at (360) 852-9189


Currently, we also have a grant to offer free technical assistance for property owners within 300 feet of Burnt Bridge Creek and its tributaries. A site assessment is conducted by a technician who looks at your yard with five elements in mind: native plants, invasive plants, stormwater management, pesticide reduction, and wildlife stewardship. You receive a site report detailing the next steps you can take to create a more habitat-friendly yard

For more information, contact or call at (360) 852-9189

List of Native Plants
List of Invasive Plants