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Kelly Keigwin is a professional artist who works in mixedmedia collage, ceramics, photography, and metal arts. She is an instructor at Oregon College oF Art & CraFt. In 2003 Kelly Founded Zombie Couture, a recycled clothing business that Features her designs and artwork. In 2012, she was the co-Founder oF “Love is a Radical Act”, an interactive art project about Family and love, alongside her wiFe, Sam MacKenzie, a Fellow artist. In 2014, Kelly expanded on a blog/zine project she had been working on and Founded Fear is a 4—Letter Word, a non-proFit project.

Kelly’s work draws inspiration From social observation and the human condition. She is known For utilizing imagery, text, paint, and recycled materials in her work. She has been published in Juxtapoz magazine, and is represented in private collections in the US, Canada, and the U.K. She is exhibited nationally and holds a B.A. From Washington State University.