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What is the Backyard Habitat Certification Program?

The Backyard Habitat Certification Program is a regional program that provides support and incentives for residents who seek to restore native habitat to their backyards. We help people create yards that are healthy for people, wildlife, and the planet.

The program is offered to private residences (under one acre), as well as to schools, community groups, public institutions, and businesses. For $35, a Habitat Technician will visit the participant’s yard to identify noxious weeds and suggest beneficial native plants and other features that will attract and support birds and other wildlife. Recommendations are tailored to each participant’s yard and interests. Participants also receive other perks such as discounted prices on native plants, coupons to local garden centers, follow-up technical assistance, and certification signs to display in their yard.

The Backyard Habitat Certification Program is a collaboration between the Bird Alliance of Oregon and Columbia Land Trust, with the program being facilitated in Clark County by the Watershed Alliance.

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