November Tree Planting Reflections

Tree Planting with Watershed Alliance
By Veronica Volovik | Clark College Student

I heard about the Watershed Alliance through my environmental class at Clark College. The Watershed Alliance of Southwest Washington helps with educating and engaging the community to be more aware of how our daily actions affect our local environment and water resources. I spent three hours planting native trees [and shrubs alongside a portion of] Burnt Bridge Creek on November 23rd.


This project started out as an extra credit opportunity for my college environmental class. However, as I began to plant the trees, I quickly saw that it was much more than that. I got to see a community of people working together to protect this watershed. Many were workers from HP, some were students from Clark College, and others were just volunteers from the city of Vancouver. There were people there from ages four years old to people in their 60’s. It was such a fun experience watching small families come together to plant trees. Getting their children involved, coworkers, students, husbands and wives giving back to the community.


The plants we planted help with expanding the “green zone” which protects the water [quality] and the habitat, reduce erosion and it acts like a filter to improve the quality of the water. The Burnt Bridge Creek watershed, is the biggest within the city of Vancouver. Overall, with all the volunteers that joined, there were about 900 trees planted within a time-span of three hours. These trees will then continue to grow minimizing soil erosion, help keep the water clean, and advance sustainability.



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