Watershed Celebration 2021


The Watershed Alliance is spending summer 2021 celebrating all the ways Clark County’s streams, rivers, and lakes improve our quality of life. 
This celebration, running from July 4th to Labor Day, is part of our ongoing effort to educate and engage community members, while giving them hands-on opportunities to participate in the restoration and protection of our waterways.

Ways to participate:
  • Tell us what Clark county’s waterways mean to you by filling out this simple form.  We’ll collect your stories and thoughts and then share them back with our supporters and with our elected officials.  We’re also using this form to collect any photos you’re willing to share of Clark County waterways.
  • Become a Watershed Advocate.  Watershed Advocates agree to make a good faith effort to raise $250 from their friends to support our ongoing work
  • Share our social media.  At key points this summer, we’ll be using Facebook and Instagram to spread the word and you can help by liking, sharing, retweeting.
  • Participate in one of our Events.