Earth Day Activity #4

Think About Your Favorite Place In Nature

All of our lives have profoundly shifted within the last month. During this time of social distancing, we can take comfort in knowing that we are all in this together. With many uncertainties, we can look to nature as a place of comfort and peace.

We are lucky to live in a place with many natural areas. Being in and around nature is a great resource for our health as it provides us with nourishment, understanding, and uplifts the human spirit (source).


Before sharing the last activity, we would like to acknowledge that we are all guests on Native peoples land and it is important we remember that. Long before white colonial settlement, native communities lived and thrived in profound, complex, and interdependent relationships with the land, water, and wildlife throughout the areas we call home. Native peoples are still here today and still deeply connected to this land. Today and every day, we honor the Native peoples of past, present and future who have stewarded this land throughout generations.

We would also like to recognize that it is a privilege to experience nature and not everyone has this privilege. Throughout U.S. history, people of color and many other minorities have been underrepresented or intentionally excluded from the outdoors. There are many barriers, such as transportation, gear, skill-learning, and there are often psychological barriers too. The “Great Outdoors” has been dominated by white privilege from the very beginning of this nation.


For our last activity, we have just two questions for you: Where is your favorite place in nature and why is it your favorite?

Nature can also look like many different things: your favorite tree in the park near your house, a community garden, a creek or river, the mountains, the ocean, or even the flowers you are growing on your balcony.

If the weather is nice maybe journal about it outside, talk about it with the people in your household, or call up a friend on a walk and ask them about their favorite place in nature. There is no pressure to share this activity, but if you do feel called to share please tag us in your photos @thewatershedalliance.org #EarthMonthWithWatershedAlliance

We asked our staff members about their favorite places in nature:


“This photo is from when I was an outdoor school leader one year. As a kid, I loved my outdoor school experiences and grew a lot as a person through those experiences. Later I had the chance to be a leader and I realized I love outdoor education and any experience working with people outside.” – Bethany Wray

“Here’s one of my favorite waterfalls, Proxy Falls. We had a special class field trip there and I loved the experience. We saw lava beds, multiple falls, and the vine maple were bright red.” – Bethany Wray








Tom Dwyer and his grandson love to go fishing at Lacamas Lake

Celina Stilphen frequently enjoys hiking in the Cascade Mountains










“Going to the coast in the early fall is one of my favorite things to do. It’s peaceful after the summer rush.” – Celina Stilphen

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