Don’t Drip and Drive

Program Description:

Don’t Drip and Drive is a regional program throughout Clark County that focuses on educating vehicle owners about the importance of fixing vehicle leaks, as well as the environmental and safety impacts from motor oil and fluid leaks.

Whether your home is one block or several from a stream, river or lake, what starts in your driveway can end up as toxic stormwater runoff and contribute to water pollution. An estimated 600,000 quarts of motor oil leaks from Clark County vehicles each year, polluting our streams, rivers and lakes. According to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife services, there are several threatened fish species that live in Clark County. These include Bull trout, Steelhead trout, Coho Salmon, Chinook salmon, and Chum salmon. Fish and other aquatic species rely on clean water to survive. Help protect Clark County’s local waterways by fixing your vehicle leak!

To implement Don’t Drip and Drive, the Watershed Alliance hosts free workshops and provides educational materials. The Watershed Alliance is partnering with Clark County, City of Vancouver, City of Washougal, City of Camas, Port of Vancouver, City of Battle Ground and Stormwater Partners. Funding is provided by a grant with Clark County Clean Water Restoration grant funds. For more information, visit!

Check out the event below to learn more about our leak repair reimbursement program: