Earth Day Activity #3

DIY Plastic Swear Jar

Remember when you were a kid and you accidentally said a bad word you would have to put x amount of money into a jar for it? That is exactly what we are going to be doing, but instead of swear words, it’s plastic.

In today’s world, it’s hard to escape the use of plastics, especially single-use plastic. We all have the power to make little changes to our relationship with single-use plastic products. This will look different for everyone – think about how you personally can reduce your plastic use that aligns with your individual lifestyle.

Step 1: Create your Plastic Swear Jar

  • Find a glass jar, vase, vessel, anything you can hold your “plastic swears”
  • Decorate it!

Step 2: Keep track of all your “plastic swears” each day and put it in the jar

  • This could be in the form of IOU’s, coins, dollars, beans, beads, whatever you have on hand.
  • Determine the monetary value of the item you are putting in the swear jar (ex: 1 bean= $1 or whatever feels fair to you).
  • Your “plastic swears” also don’t have to be monetary. They could be post-it notes that say “volunteer with a nonprofit or do something nice for your community when it is safe to do so”. The options are endless!

Step 3: Decide how long you want to track your plastic use 

  • Maybe it’s for a week, a month, a year! At the end of your allotted time, consider donating your “plastic swears” to Watershed Alliance.

Remember, this is not about being perfect. It is about raising our awareness so we can shift our behaviors. Awareness is the catalyst to change.

We would like to note that this is a challenging time for everyone. Please don’t feel pressured to donate your money if that is something that would cause you stress. Do what is right for you. Let’s use this time to think about the ways we can create change.

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