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Thank you for your interest in our grant program! We have given out all $22,500 of the grant dollars for 2017. We will be accepting applications again in January 2018.

Is there a project that you would like to complete in your neighborhood? We offer grants up to $2,000 for community projects in the City of Vancouver. Projects must enhance sustainability through volunteer-driven, on-the-ground environmental work or education.

Grant examples:

  • Invasive tree removal
  • Pet waste stations
  • Cigarette receptacles
  • Nature-play areas
  • Storm drain murals
  • Street murals
  • Friends of Trees Neighborhood plantings
  • We welcome innovative new ideas for grant projects!
Grant Process:
  1. Come up with an idea for an environmental, community project in your neighborhood (needs to be in a recognized City of Vancouver neighborhood association)
  2. Complete Grant Inquiry form, receive Grant Application
  3. Complete Grant Application
  4. Application process can vary between 1-2 months
  5. Grant application period: Rolling (no deadlines)

*grant process may vary depending on the type/location of project

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Email  for more information.